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Friday, February 27, 2015


National Review's Ian Tuttle joins Radio America's Greg Corombos. Today's topics: New polls show voters prefer the GOP on foreign policy, the FCC moves to regulate the Internet, and the Internet melts down over a mysteriously-hued dress.

On Net Neutrality, Even John Oliver Would Call John Oliver An Idiot
If you are in favor of net neutrality because you detest Comcast, you are being played, just as John Oliver, the latest adorable enfant terrible of Comedy Central and HBO, is being played.
His impassioned - and hilarious - rant on the urgent need for the Federal Communications Commission to formally disallow such things as a "fast lane," and instead impose "net neutrality," has been viewed on YouTube nearly 8 million times, making it likely the most influential single factor in the public debate. Indeed, the FCC passed a proposal Thursday that paves the way for net neutrality by classifying broadband as a government utility.
Oliver's segment is as funny and persuasive in its presentation as it is wrong-headed in its conclusions. Take a look, and then we'll discuss how and why it is so misleading, and its wide circulation so unfortunate. You are being led to believe that "net neutrality" will deliver one thing when, in fact, it will deliver exactly the opposite...
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