Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen. -George Orwell

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Report: ISIS used chemical weapons in assault on Iraqi Security Forces

Everything you need to know for today's Benghazi hearing

Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes devastating Benghazi point; HuffPo lies, libs spew foul misogyny

Early Observations from Trey Gowdy's Benghazi hearing

'Matter of urgency' ignored? Sharyl Attkisson interprets troubling testimony at Benghazi hearing

'What year is this?' Joe Biden rides 'the Orient' express to Idiot-ville again

'Admin is pissed off beyond belief': Time for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to 'say bye'?

'Debbie, I think you're done': Wasserman Schultz is sounding pretty desperate

'Oh, come ON'! More evidence that Wasserman Schultz is a 'pathological liar'?

ISIS random abduction, beheading plan 'thwarted' in Australia

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Non U.S. born citizens are making more money than those who are born here in America! Also: President Obama's plan to fight Ebola in Africa, Netflix expands into Europe and a new title for Leonardo DiCaprio!

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EWTN News Nightly's Brian Patrick presents the headline news of the day.

Additional news and views from around the Catholic world:

Ghana's Bishops Spell Out the Frightening Facts About Ebola

Ebola Epidemic Is 'a Transnational Issue'

Cardinal Dolan: Ukraine 'flowing with blood,' America must speak up

Cardinal O'Malley Reacts to New Proof that ObamaCare Covers Abortions

Archbishop Cordileone Targeted by Gay Activist Billionaires

Bishop Tobin on divorce: Changes needed in approach, not teaching

Robert Bellarmine and Global Warming

Islamophobia-phobia and the Rotherham Rapes

Mother Angelica and the Crusades: Two Videos That Speak Truth to Power

The Magical, Timeless Popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien

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Jim and Greg discuss Bobby Jindal's probable run for the White House in 2016, the mixed messages from the White House on their ISIS battle plan, and the bizarre immigration views of Luis Gutierrez.

Jindal: How the Radical Left Uses Energy Costs to Control Americans
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal yesterday accused the Obama administration of making energy more expensive with the goal of making Americans more dependent on government.
"The Left, they like to tell us they are the ones [who] are following science and we're the science deniers," Jindal said to a small group of reporters after delivering a speech at The Heritage Foundation to debut his energy jobs plan. "But I think overall, their approach to energy is telling."
The Republican governor said the "radical" Left wants energy to be scarce and expensive because it empowers the federal government to be more involved in Americans' lives.
Doing so, the potential 2016 presidential candidate said, essentially allows the Obama administration to decide what kind of car you drive, what kind of home you live in, what kind of education your children receive, what kind of health care insurance is adequate for you, and what size soda you can drink.
Right now, Jindal said, America "is on the road to failure."
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Bobby Jindal is winning the school choice argument

Jindal Sues Obama Admin Over Common Core

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Benghazi Whistleblower: We Were Ordered to Withhold Documents from Review Board

Election forecasters bearish on GOP? Senate models looking more Democratic by the day

Study: Nightly network news covered Bush's crumbling job approval 124 times to this point in year six — versus 9 times for Obama

Fight against ISIS helps Kurdish PKK gain global legitimacy

The Case for a Unified Kurdistan

IDC Leader: Ted Cruz Put 'Lives at Risk' at In Defense of Christians Summit

Rethinking the Cruz Fight

Russians Threatening Crimean Tatars Opposed to Russian Aggression

Scotland Carries the Global Flag of Secession

The Muslim Brotherhood's Inter-Faith Charade

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Movie news: A reboot for 'Vacation' and more Bond, Bourne and Zoolander ('Good news' or 'WTF are they thinking?')

It takes just one graphic to prove media are Obama bootlickers and it's infuriating

'Where's the coexist sticker?' Jonah Goldberg sums up liberalism in one tweet

Obama won't like this brutal video truth-snark from actress Shannen Doherty, so here it is!

This twisted hater spewed filth, death wishes after Sadie Robertson rocked it on DWTS

'Science deniers': Bobby Jindal blasts Obama admin's coziness with 'fact-free Hollywood'

Saudis arrest 28 Christians, including children, in sweep of private home

'Fascists': Democrats launch another campaign to silence Rush Limbaugh

Hillary Clinton event crashed by immigration protesters; Ignores reporter's questions

'Feminists' of Code Pink pale against Kurdish women fighting for freedom

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


EWTN News Nightly's Brian Patrick presents the headline news of the day.

Additional news and views from around the Catholic world:

GAO Report Confirms Obama Lied: 1,036 ObamaCare Plans Pay for Abortions

Deluge of criticism after abortion funding revealed in health care law

Patriarchs urge West to stop extinction of Middle East Christians

Defense of all persecuted believers highlighted at DC summit

Ministries to divorced, remarried strive to echo Pope's call for mercy

Cardinal Martino: the Synod will "reaffirm what the Church has always said about the family"

Would an Independent Scotland be an Anti-Catholic Scotland?

Susan B. Anthony List Wins Challenge to Ohio's 'False Statement' Law

Scientism Cannot Explain Away the Grandeur of God

A Man with a Plan: Tito Edwards Launches "Chronica" for Catholic News Junkies

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NRO's Andrew Johnson joins Greg to discuss Ed Schultz and Jonathan Chait still giving Hillary the cold shoulder, Democratic momentum in the N.C. Senate race, and Jeff Session's war of words with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook's Marc Andreessen: Jeff Sessions 'Clinically Insane' for Supporting U.S. Workers
Do not dare challenge the Masters of the Universe, the Party of Davos, or the Permanent Political Class with facts.
After Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), in a thunderous Wednesday speech on the Senate floor, denounced Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg for pushing amnesty on foreign soil and high-tech executives for demanding more guest-worker permits while laying off American workers, Facebook board member Marc Andreessen maligned the Alabama Senator in a series of incensed Tweets.
"Outright slander from an odious hack," Andreessen Tweeted on Thursday evening. "Mark has directly & indirectly created 10s, maybe 100s, of thousands of US jobs." He implied that Sessions was "clinically insane" and even said Sessions' embrace of American workers will "guarantee" that the "Republican Party never wins a national election ever again."
If only the facts, politics, and the American people were on Andreessen's side.
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Friendly reminder: Republicans could absolutely fail to win the Senate

GOP Runs From Social Issues, Prepares For Long-Term Minority Status

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Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review

Obama forced by events to reverse course --- and disillusion his base

Obama refuses to understand the enemy

In Search of the 'Moderate Islamists'

A grunt's-eye view of Obama's anti-ISIS coalition

Birth Control, Third-Party Payer, and the Politicization of Health Care

Pro-Israel and Pro-Christian

A Christian Federation in the Middle East

Apologist for Islamofascism finally gets the boot from DHS

Catalonia: Spain's "Scotland"?


Cover-up unraveling? Brit Hume sees 'big deal' in Sharyl Attkisson's Benghazi 'bombshell'

Brian Wilson: 'Where is MSM outrage' over State Dept scrubbing docs?

Here are journos beclowning themselves over Hillary Clinton at 'Steak Fry' event

This photo brilliantly sums up swooning media lapdogs at Hillary Clinton event

O'bummer: You will not believe who the U.S. just asked for help in fighting ISIS

International diplomacy outreach: Ayatollah Khamenei refers to Marie Harf as 'that girl'

'Naked' Colombian female cyclists unveil 'worst uniform fail in sports history'

Salon tool: 'Nothing scares a white American more than someone who isn't a white American'

Talking Points Memo editor uncovers bridge between social conservatives and ISIS

Video: Official trailer for the most 'amazing' movie ever will give you 'chills' and leave you 'freaking out'!

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Monday, September 15, 2014


How ISIS is using social media to get its message out to the world. Another push to get Mitt Romney to run for President in 2016. Yahoo takes on the government and two senators stranded on an island!

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EWTN News Nightly's Brian Patrick presents the headline news of the day.

Additional news and views from around the Catholic world:

Cry of the Persecuted: Advocate Because You Care, Not for Political Votes

Christians of Akkar keep eye on ISIS threat

Professor: ISIS 'Extreme and Fundamentalist,' Just Like Catholicism

Nuns Slam Media Silence on Persecution of Middle East Christians

No scandal here: How the 20 couples married by Pope Francis were legit

CBS Hypes 'Progressive' Pope; Ignores His Defense of Traditional Marriage

Birmingham and Rotherham Examples Show How Radical Islam Took Hold in England

Catholic League withdraws from St. Patrick's Day Parade

When Members of the Catholic Press Fail the Church

The question nobody is asking about the black mass in Oklahoma

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Jim and Greg discuss Jay Carney's pessimism about the midterms, new allegations that the State Dept. protected Hillary from the Benghazi probe, and John Kerry's tortured definitions.

State Spox Walks Back Kerry Remarks About Working with Iran on ISIL
State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf appeared to completely contradict her boss' remarks on the possibility of the United States working with Iran to combat the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL or ISIS), adding more confusion to an issue already sparking questions among reporters.
Secretary of State John Kerry unequivocally stated on Monday that the United States is still open to working with Iran to combat ISIL.
However, just hours after Kerry made those remarks, State Department spokeswoman Harf stated the complete opposite.
Iran's exclusion from international talks on ISIL thus far does not "mean that we are opposed to the idea of communicating to find out if they will come on board or under what circumstances or whether there is the possibility of a change," Kerry was quoted as saying on Monday during a summit on ISIL in Paris.
"Having a channel of communication on one of the biggest issues in the world today is common sense," Kerry said.
However, Harf stated the opposite during her daily press briefing, raising questions as to whether the administration has its policy prescriptions straight.
"To be very clear, we are not coordinating with, we do not want to coordinate with, we are not planning to coordinate with Iran in any way on Iraq, period," Harf said. "So obviously, we're open to having a discussion with them; we won't always outline all of those discussions, but in terms of the contents of what those discussions might look like, we are not coordinating with them."
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T Minus 50: Looking For Signs of GOP Wave

The Queen of the Dirty Tricksters

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Democrats' Push to Criminalize Dissent

'Free' Speech at Yale

Dems' Coalition Showing Signs of Strain

What Obama Could Have Said in His ISIS Speech

The Headchopper Next Door

White House Views Hispanics as Mere Electoral Pawns

Why Democrat Ideas Don't Work: Reality

Resurgence of GOP hawkishness is boosting Romney 2016 prospects

The War Against ISIS: Bad Christians vs. Bad Muslims?

Surprise: Media Reports Distort Meaning of Papal Wedding Ceremony


This Boston Globe reporter should win 'Obama lapdog of the year' for this 'but Bush' absurdity

You seriously will not believe Obama's plan were he an 'adviser to ISIS' (it's beyond parody)

It started with Obama advising ISIS to 'pin notes on [hostages] chests.' It ended with this brutal mockery

What about these 'optics'? Another barbaric beheading, so guess what Obama is doing

'Puked in my mouth a bit': Dem Sen. Tom Harkin's latest phrase to describe Hillary and Bill isn't selling

Shocker: On running for president, Hillary in Iowa says, 'I'm thinking about it'

Amazing photo shows American flag appear in the evening clouds

UK Muslims ask politicians to refer to ISIS as 'Un-Islamic State'

CAIR shill draws absurd moral equivalence between ISIS and Fox News

'Want to marry a mujahid in Syria?': Jihad Matchmaker is for you

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