Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen. -George Orwell

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Jim and Greg discuss the former Reagan aide who is now the new publisher at The Washington Post, revelations that student visas are still a security problem, and Putin's claim he could take Kiev in two weeks.

Washington Post selects Reagan staffer as publisher, but don't expect change in slant
Jeff Bezos has named Fred Ryan to be the Washington Post's new publisher. Ryan is a former Reagan administration official. He served as Director of Presidential Appointments and Scheduling and as head the White House Office of Private Sector Initiatives. Near the end of Reagan's second term, Ryan became Assistant to the President, the highest level of staff position in the White House, as I understand it.
After Reagan left office, Ryan served as Chief of Staff to the former president. He was responsible for the establishment and operation of Reagan's office in Century City, and he helped create the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.
Should liberals worry that Ryan's selection as publisher of the Post signals less leftism in the paper's news coverage and less liberalism in it editorial page? I don't think so.
Ryan co-founded Politico, which is about as reliably left-leaning as the Post. Moreover, those who have worked with various media companies owned by Ryan's corporation say he's a businessman above all else, and not one to attempt to influence the direction of coverage or editorial policy...
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WaPo Highlights New Publisher's Reagan Ties, Hints It Could 'Cause Questions' About Conservative Bias

It's morning at the Washington Post again; Left reacts as expected

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Ahem: If You Are Not Using the Presidency, Do You Mind If We Borrow It?

Russia's Choice: Putinism or Progress

Muslim Rape in Rotherham

Jihad Comes To Europe

Never Again: Will history wonder why we were silent in the face of Christian persecution?

Redistribution and the Lesson the Left Refuses to Learn

Common Core Blockbuster: Mathematician Dr. Jim Milgram Warns Common Core Will Destroy America's Standing in Technology

Why Won't Endangered Democrat Senate Candidates Repudiate Their Todd Akin?

Liberalism's Newest Fake Gay 'Victim'

Review: Adrian Goldsworthy's Augustus: The First Emperor of Rome

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Ricky Gervais blames celebs, not hackers, for leak of nude pics

'Group molestation': Patricia Arquette, Emma Watson weigh in on nude photo leaks

Andrea Tantaros has had it with the media and its 'help for terrorists'

It's time for another game of 'let's compare and contrast David Cameron, Barack Obama'

David Cameron: We cannot allow 'openness to be confused with a tolerance of extremism'

Rotherham abuse whistleblower reportedly 'booked on diversity course' after raising concerns

Halfway through second term Obama tells people to 'hope'

Fast food workers plan strikes, civil disobedience on Sept. 4

'First day as NEA president': Already getting cozy with the White House

James Woods is pessimistic about Obama's ISIS strategy

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Greg welcomes guests Jamie Lissow and Susan Olsen.

India, Japan Leaders Meet to Counter Rise of China
India's prime minister Narendra Modi met with Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Monday, supposedly to improve economic ties, but it was clear that the threats posed by China were high on the agenda. Their joint statement said, "The two prime ministers reaffirmed the importance of defense relations between Japan and India in their strategic partnership and decided to upgrade and strengthen them."
Abe and Modi agreed to hold regular joint naval exercises with the United States and to increase Japanese military exports to India. This agreement was particularly significant in view of Abe's recent reinterpretation of Japan's pacifist constitution, which permits military action only for Japan's self-defense. Abe has reinterpreted this to mean "collective self-defense." I discussed this issue in detail recently in "5-May-14 World View -- Japan debates 'collective self-defense' to protect America and Japan."
This reinterpretation of the constitution will permit the armed forces to use the military to defend allies, such as the United States or India, even if the ally is being attack but Japan is not. It will also permit Japan to rescue Japanese civilians in remote locations.
Also read: China, Russia Begin Joint Construction of Massive Energy Pipeline

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An interview with Mike Gonzalez, a Senior Fellow with the Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy at The Heritage Foundation, about his new book, A Race for the Future. Gonzalez delves into the U.S. Government's "Hispanic" classification and why it has hurt the Hispanic community in America, as well as why Hispanics mostly vote Democrat.

What Conservatives Must Understand About Hispanic Voters
Half a century ago we saw the spark of powerful ideas that changed the face of America. Some became legislation, such as the War on Poverty. Others became potent cultural trends, like the sexual revolution. Less noticed but no less impactful was the onset of a radical change in our nation's demographic makeup.
That millions of immigrants, the majority from Latin America, began arriving just as the United States was being hit by a social and cultural tornado receives surprisingly little analysis. This whirlwind, after all, ripped up norms that had been in place for generations.
These new immigrants had no memory of what the country had been like. In the media, in schools and in entertainment, they began to hear dubious reinterpretations of America and a denigration of traditional values. For many of them, "assimilation" meant adopting the emerging standards of a rapidly evolving country...
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Why Conservatism is Good for Hispanics

How non-Hispanic elites decided they were in charge of what 'Latinos' are called

And here's an excerpt from A Race for the Future:

Monday, September 1, 2014


WWII 75th Anniversary: Germany Invades Poland, Launches Bloodiest War in Human History
On this day, 75 years ago, the bloodiest war in human history broke out when Nazi Germany, fresh off of signing a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union, invaded Poland. Though two years would pass before the United States entered the war, the conflict would profoundly change the American role in the world.
Adolph Hitler had duped many world leaders into believing that Germany really wanted peace and perhaps just a little "lebensraum," or "living space." But events would prove that they were bent on the conquest of a continent, and that the only thing that could stop this menace was military might.
German SS troops, the military arm of the Nazi Party, put on Polish army uniforms and raided several German outposts along the German-Polish border, giving the regime a false pretense for their war of conquest. At 4:45 am, on September 1, 1939, over a million Germans poured over the Polish border en route to the takeover of a country that had enjoyed less than a quarter century of independence since the end of the Great War, the so-called War to End All Wars. Poland was defeated in less than a month and the world was plunged into an even more devastating conflict.
Also read: September 1, 1939 vs. September 1, 2014 -- A Polish Perspective

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EWTN News Nightly's Brian Patrick presents the headline news of the day.

Additional news and views from around the Catholic world:

Pope Francis to Iraqi priest: I'll never leave or forget you

Francis tells Gaza priest: 'Be strong, have courage and keep going'

Work and Our Common Dignity: A Labor Day Reflection

Leo XIII: Of Workers and Property

Hundreds flock to conference looking to revive parish life

St. John Paul II's Rapprochement with Science: A Quest for Common Understanding

Time Magazine, Meet These Strong Sisters

PBS Doubles Down, Hosts Video Chat With Producers of Film "Humanizing" Late-Term Abortions

"Mornings with Meg": A Ministry Helping to Serve Busy Moms

Staying Sane with Dry-Erase Status Lines

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China, With an Eye to the U.S., Is Aggressively Building Up Their Military

Flashpoint Hong Kong: China rules out democracy for the former British territory

Et tu, Di Fi? Feinstein sours on Obama's 'too cautious' approach to ISIS

Unlike Obama, ISIS Has a Strategy, Courtesy of Islam's Original Caliph

My ISIS Strategy

Anatomy of a GOP Disaster: Losing Pennsylvania

Democrats: Still Seeking the Bottom of the Low Road

Mireille Miller-Young's Anti-Morality and the Madness of Elliot Rodger

The Incompetence of Leftist Ideology

Review: Greg Lukianoff's Freedom from Speech

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Equality! The victim brigade 'should be thrilled' Michael Sam was cut and here's why

Reports: Islamist militia group takes over US Embassy in Libya

'LOL right wing nutters!' US Embassy in Libya reportedly taken over by Islamists: Is this what Obama will do?

World in turmoil, Obama STILL golfing (natch): Ace of Spades slays Obama-shielding media

This prediction of what Obama will blame for US Embassy takeover is not funny because it could be true

'Putrid scum!' Terrorist attack jokes? You won't believe this shocking, sick sound check on CNN

World falling apart? Whatever. Iowahawk nutshells delusional Lib thinking in one tweet

Dana Loesch offers up a theory on why the President is still golfing

'Amen to that': Dinesh D'Souza defines recession, depression and recovery

Rotherham child sex scandal case of 'not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat'

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Sunday, August 31, 2014


WaPo: Say, this President doesn't seem terribly competent at foreign policy, huh?

In Search of a Strategy

Shhh, Mr. President

America Deserves Better than an Empty Suit with No Strategy Against Radical Islam

White House Could Delay Immigration Decision Until After the Midterm Elections

The Stonewalling Techniques Used By 'Most Transparent Administration in History'

When Reagan and Ratzinger Teamed Up on Faith and Hope

The Left's Attempt to Institutionalize the Rewriting of U.S. History: A New Step Forward Through their "Long March Through the Existing Institutions"

Common Core Endgame: "Social Justice"

Classical Education Makes a Comeback

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Amanda Marcotte's reason Sen. Gillibrand shouldn't 'name a harasser' deemed 'insane'

'Born-again fan': Iowahawk remembers when John Kerry wasn't fond of coalitions

Andrea Tantaros: I will not apologize for criticizing radical Islamic jihadism

'Trapper should shut his yapper'; Former M*A*S*H cast member Wayne Rogers explodes at Michelle Fields

'Powerhouse duo': Holly Fisher finally meets Dana Loesch 'in the flesh'

He's out: Michael Sam released from St. Louis Rams

'The journey continues': Michael Sam's first tweets after getting cut from Rams

'Did an intern fill in today?' Mother Jones aims for 'damn dumbest' Michael Sam headline

'Blame him now?' Does media frenzy over Michael Sam cut prove 'Tony Dungy was right'?

Pharrell Williams is happy about Hillary Clinton's 'don't look back' message

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Greg welcomes guests Bill Hemmer and Terry Schappert.

Rotherham's - and England's - Shame
What happened is explained by two additional facts: The 1,400 girls were all white and of Christian background and English ethnicity while all but one of their exploiters were Muslims of Pakistani heritage. (The report describes the men delicately as "Asians," but so far no Hindus, Sikhs, or Hong Kong Chinese are among their number.) As in other recent cases, the men targeted the girls in large part because they were white Christians, culturally speaking, and thus "worthless." They actually told the girls that this was so. Still worse, the police also treated the girls as worthless when they bravely ignored the physical threats against them (one man poured petrol over a girl and threatened to light it) and sought police help. As a result, some of the girls came to believe they were in fact worthless, which, of course, made them more tractable to the gang. Others committed suicide. Many of the survivors will experience, perhaps for the rest of their lives, prolonged bouts of depression, self-contempt, shame, and other psychological disorders.
This scale of criminality and victimhood is vast for a country that has traditionally regarded itself as law-abiding. Worse, the report concedes that the estimate of 1,400 victims is a conservative one. (It is the equivalent of about three girls' schools.) Some of the girls were as young as eleven. And since other (more or less identical) cases of criminal exploitation of young Christian girls by Pakistani Muslim men have been uncovered in cities such as Oldham, Birmingham, and Oxford in the last decade, the total number of victims must be staggering.
The motives of the exploiters, though vile, are not hard to understand. They plainly include both racism and sexism alongside the lust and cruelty enabled by their misogynistic culture. But what explains the silence, the acquiescence, even the cooperation of the authorities? Their motives seem to derive from the rich stew of progressive absurdities that constitute official attitudes in modern Britain. The first is the fear of being suspected of racism. Again and again the police and the social workers shrank from intervening or responding to complaints because to do so would invite the accusation that they were "racist." Most people in the Muslim community were unaware of this criminal conspiracy (and, shocked and horrified like everyone else, they now condemn it). But when it was brought to the attention of  "community leaders," they too played the race card to suppress further investigation. To uncover such scandal would be not only racist, it would commit a sin against the ideal of multiculturalism that now actuates much official policy.
Official attitudes to the young white girls in Rotherham were different - but, if anything, worse. They combined sexism with a contempt for the white working class that is now common in both the progressive intelligentsia and the lumpen-intelligentsia whose members respectively lay down and enforce social policy under uncomprehending or cowardly political leaders. Thus the police shared the opinion of the criminals that their victims were little better than "sluts." They were powerless, without influential parents or friends, lacking an ethnic support group that would rally to their defense. If racism is a weapon that can be used only by the powerful, as the progressive mantra holds, then the girls were victims of racism. But they were the wrong victims just as the criminals were the wrong pedophiles. Their plight had never been a topic in lectures on diversity. In short, they certainly weren't worth risking a reprimand for disrupting good community relations or undermining diversity.
Also read: Feminists' Failure on Rotherham

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Every Sunday and on the main liturgical feasts, the Pope recites the Marian prayer of the Angelus with the pilgrims. Before and after the prayer, he delivers a brief reflection and issues greetings.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Remilitarize the World Police: It's the first step in reestablishing a credible deterrent

Politico, WaPo, ABC: This "no strategy" comment will do serious damage

Putin: You're next, Kazakhstan

Is Rand Paul's moment already over?

Niebuhr, Iraq, And Moral Clarity

From the land of sky blue waters

Take No Prisoners

Why Karl Rove and the GOP Establishment Will Lose Again

Ferguson Fizzles: It was televised, but it wasn't the revolution

The Making of "Latinos"

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Miss Asia Pacific World organizers advised beauty queen May Myat Noe to get breast implants

'Name sexual predators': Sen Kirsten Gillibrand urged to set example for co-eds

'#FauxFeminists': Amanda Marcotte's feminist cred questioned after harassment advice for Sen. Gillibrand

'Has a strategy for that, doesn't he?' Obama's weekend: Fundraisers, wedding of MSNBC host

'Wow!' David Cameron's terror threat speech found in 'amazing contrast' to Obama's

Amateur Hour: State Dept. has resorted to 'crowdsourcing foreign policy'

Monica Crowley on FBI threat assessment: 'This kind of BS is literally going to get us killed'

'Holy cow! I can't believe he said that': Obama drops another bombshell of stupid

No strategy? No problem! Tweeters handily #SuggestObamaISISStrategy

'Because of the telegraph'! Obama's 'messy' gaffe sparks mockery

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