Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen. -George Orwell

Thursday, April 24, 2014




Inevitable: Worried Democrats Resurrect 'Birth Control Ban' Attacks

Florida GOP Primary Big Win for Rand Paul, Political 'Outsiders'

K Street battles Tea Party in GOP primaries

Jeb Bush announces: I'm officially thinking of running for president

2014 GOP Governor Candidates Ahead of Democrats in Courting Latino Vote

More Heavy Weaponry for Syrian Rebels?

An Honesty Gap in the Pay Gap Debate

Parents, Teachers Criticize Anti-Pledge of Allegiance Lawsuit

What Thomas Piketty's Popularity Tells Us About The Liberal Press

Game of Thrones Debate Tests Feminist Concept of Rape


#MyLiberalCampus: Left-wing bias and 'diversity of thought' on college campuses

'What the fuck does that mean?' Cenk Uygur a little upset with Politico writer

'Bring it': Here's what S.E. Cupp thinks of anti-NRA whiners' pitiful #EmptyCupp campaign

Sputtering media's hypocrisy on Hillary's age captured in damning juxtaposition

'Sure they did': ThinkProgress claims IRS really had it in for progressive groups

'You've got to be kidding me': What's got ThinkProgress' busybodies worked up now?

'Defender of Israel' Ellen DeGeneres vilified for 'apartheid SodaStream' giveaway

Hillary Clinton again cites Benghazi as 'biggest regret'; Simple follow-up question asked

'Despicable lump of inhuman flesh': Ted Cruz' photo with tiger skin rug triggers massive avalanche of fury

'AWESOME': Actress Stacey Dash target shoots with AR-15


Greg welcomes guests Jim Norton and Lisa De Pasquale.

Anti-Gun Harvey Weinstein Opens Checkbook for NRA Member Alison Lundergan Grimes
Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has already opened his checkbook for Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic challenger to Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-KY.
FEC records show that Weinstein donated $2,600 to Grimes last month for her general election campaign, and in February he donated $2,600 for her primary campaign. Weinstein also was one of President Barack Obama's top campaign bundlers and frequently maxes out donations to the Democratic party.
Grimes has tried to portray herself as a pro-gun candidate in Kentucky, boasting that she has a membership with the National Rifle Association. She has even offered to go shooting with McConnell and posted photos of herself holding a gun.
It appears that Weinstein sees through the mirage, donating to a Democratic candidate that would likely vote against the NRA if elected to the Senate.
Earlier this year, Weinstein vowed to target the National Rifle Association with an anti-gun movie starring Meryl Streep.
"They're going to wish they weren't alive when I'm done with them," Weinstein boasted during an interview with Howard Stern in January.
The Hollywood executive has profited heavily from movies that glorify gun violence.
"I don't think we need guns in this country. And I hate it. The NRA is a disaster area," he said during the interview.


I'm going to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back a little bit with regards to this clip of Margaret Sanger.  I'm glad that others have stumbled upon it and are giving it much-needed attention.  But I have already used it twice already, the first time in a December 16, 2013 post titled "Typical: Proggies Compare Blacks to Chimps" and more recently in "This Day in Twitchy: March 27, 2014." 

Naturally, I agree with all the sentiments expressed by the Trifecta crew and have used the clip for the same reasons: it is an excellent reminder (and revelation for those previously unaware) of what a sociopath the founder of Planned Parenthood really was.  A racist and eugenicist who was utterly devoted to the prevention of life - through the murder of unborn children and the promotion of contraception, sterilization and voluntary rejection of the maternal instinct. In other words, a classic example of progressivism.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Guest host Brett Winterble and National Review's Jim Geraghty discuss new polls showing tough midterm fights for vulnerable Democrats (particularly Mark Pryor), gripes about Eric Cantor, and generous employee bonuses at the IRS.

Tax delinquents who work for IRS get big bonuses
The gap between the Ruling Class and its faithful servants, versus the citizens of a dwindling American private sector, grows ever wider.  Who knows which outrage will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and triggers a widespread citizen revolt against their corrupt and arrogant government?
How about the Internal Revenue Service paying millions of dollars in bonuses to employees with serious disciplinary problems...including employees who didn't pay their taxes?
It's amazing how much of our decrepit Big Government apparatus is literally impossible to justify to any sane adult human being.  But that's one of the perks of running an arrogant, aristocratic super-State: it no longer has to explain itself to the peons.  Where do we go to vote the executives who authorized these bonuses out of office?  What referendum can we sign to abolish the National Treasury Employees Union?
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Supreme Court Upholds Ban On Racial Preferences

A Body Blow to Racial Discrimination

William F. Buckley's Realist Foreign Policy

MMFA's Hypocrisy: Card Check for Thee, Not Me

The Dumbest Predictions from Earth Day Founders

ObamaCare Does Not Help the Nation's Poor!

From greatness to whiteness

Poll: 73% support allowing prayer before public meetings

Survey: 91% of Parents Approve of Louisiana School Choice Program

Global majority: Pew poll shows most nations around the world find abortion, homosexuality immoral


Zach Braff's conservative-bashing cowardice torched with two words, one Kristen Bell flashback

#ZachBraffIn4Words: 'Ouch! That is brutal!' How painful is this slam of cowardly actor Zach Braff?

Earth Day hypocrisy! CBS News' Mark Knoller catches Obama's carbon footprint widening

'How drunk are you?' MSNBC's Chris Hayes: Fossil fuel opponents are like modern-day abolitionists

Kid Rock shares a very special Earth Day message with the world

Bitter Dems won't spoil this victory: Equality proponents Jennifer Gratz, Ward Connerly cheer SCOTUS decision

Nancy Pelosi: GOP budget takes food out of the mouths of people of color

Concerned Chicagoans not convinced by mayor that #CrimeIsDown

Jimmy Kimmel, others remember hero Pat Tillman on 10th anniversary of death

Golf champ Paul Azinger zings Earth Day crowd


Greg welcomes guests Andrew Schulz and Carrie Sheffield.

No Matter What, Bryan Singer is Guilty
Even if Bryan Singer is innocent of rape, he and his Hollywood cohorts should still be subjected to shame and ridicule.
To the movie-viewing public, Singer is known as the director/producer of blockbuster films such as the X-Men series, Superman Returns, and Valkyrie.  To anybody who knows anything about Hollywood society, as I learned in about five minutes of Googling, Singer is known as a host of regular bacchanalias for young male aspiring actors and models.
Here's where everybody agrees: These parties are a sexual cornucopia for Singer and other powerful Hollywood figures.  In 2009, the website Queerty published what one imagines are the most tasteful photos of a Singer party (at the infamous estate of blockbuster director/producer Roland Emmerich), along with some brief, fawning commentary.  Here's the most unfortunate line, given the present rape lawsuit against Singer: "And sorry, no photos of the after-after party (which generally has a clothing-optional policy), nor do we have pictures from what happened when Roland and Bryan took a few select young men into the house for private casting sessions."
In Queerty's now very shocked reporting on the Singer lawsuit, they actually quote that line - but they drop the bit apologizing for a lack of photos.  What was harmless fun has become very dark; we have to put on our serious faces now.
But was it ever harmless?  Can Queerty - and our sexual culture at large - seamlessly transition from cheerleader to prosecutor?
Also read: Bryan Singer's Accuser Names Three More Alleged Sex Abusers

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


At long, long last -- the altogether epic TSL 60: pirate video broadcast from CSR ACTUAL, coming to you from 40 years into the dark but hopeful future of the Common Sense Resistance.  Your questions can now be answered...


Jim and Greg like Tom Cotton's new ad, groan at Debbie Wasserman Schultz's defense of the latest Keystone delay, and rip Charlie Crist's flip-flops on abortion.

Blue on Blue: Labor Unions Slam 'Gutless' WH on Keystone Delay
Allow me to say right off the bat that I was wrong. Mea culpa. I predicted that the Obama administration would finally approve the Keystone pipeline project sometime this fall, tossing a political bone to vulnerable Democratic Senators who've been begging the president to stop dragging his feet. As we learned over the holiday weekend, Mary Landrieu and friends won't get their wish. The White House is again hunkering down and postponing a decision until early 2015, and possibly beyond -- leaving thousands of American workers in the lurch.
During his obnoxious Obamacare press conference last week, the president said that Washington must stop debating the health law, and move on to more pressing matters like jobs and the economy (fronts on which Obamacare is inflicting damage, incidentally). He even called for additional "investments" in American infrastructure, which he said would "improve our economy for the long term." Literally the next day, he swatted down a hugely popular job-creating infrastructure project. As Dan wrote earlier, MSNBC's Morning Joe crew seemed perplexed by the move, which liberal host Mika Brzezinski called "hard to defend." The Wall Street Journal's editors agree, but they aren't puzzling over what happened. Follow the money...
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David Brooks: Let's face it, Obama has a manhood problem in the Middle East

Protesters Burn Effigies of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro

In The "War On Youth" The Youth Strike Back

Commentary and Sarah Palin


'Nightmare fuel': WH continues tradition of hosting 'terrifying' Easter Bunny

'Meet the Press': Happy Easter, let's talk about...Obama's 'manhood problem'

'Not just there!' See the extent of Obama's 'manhood problem' in photo-nutshell

'Problem with values and morals': Chicago weatherman nails failure of gun control

Mockery that never gets old! This 'psychological test' for plane-obsessed CNN is gold

'Free from job lock!' Citizens unite to #SaySomethingLiberalIn4Words

Former SCOTUS justice proposes changes to Constitution; James Woods warns of 'quiet erosion of individual liberty'

Is Cliven Bundy a lawbreaker or patriot? Arizona congressmen disagree

'Neuter boys at birth': Humanitarian Roseanne imparts more wisdom on the masses

Amanda Marcotte: Senior sexually harassed Miss America by asking her to prom


The International Space Station is home to Russian and American astronauts. Author and space analyst Rand Simburg breaks down the situation on the ISS. Could the conflict in Ukraine spread to space? The U.S. cannot get to the ISS without hitching a ride with the Russians. Does this mean that Russia could block U.S. access to space, or worse, annex the ISS? Find out.


Greg welcomes guests Kate Rogers, Jesse Joyce and Buck Sexton.

Conservative Charity Loses Tax-Exempt Status
A Virginia-based charity with a history of aligning with conservatives reportedly had its tax-exempt status taken away by the IRS.
In a letter dated last December and obtained by USA Today, the IRS notified the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty of the change.
Former FBI agent Gary Aldrich started the group in 1996 after writing a book that criticized President Bill Clinton. Aldrich spent five years working in the White House performing background checks.
Aldrich's first client was Linda Tripp, a former Pentagon worker who secretly recorded phone calls with Monica Lewinsky - an act that brought on the investigation into the extramarital affair Lewinsky had with Clinton.
Initially, Aldrich's mission was to represent government whistle-blowers. Over the years, he has written several articles critical of the Clintons.
The Patrick Henry Center reported revenue of $343,503 in 2012, and has donated money to conservative tea party groups.
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Monday, April 21, 2014


Jim and Greg discuss the growing buzz about Indiana governor Mike Pence, the house of cards known as Obamacare, and David Gregory's psychiatric profile.

Dear Mike Pence: Don't pull a Huckabee on Common Core
As you know from my coverage of Common Core, the Big Government and Big Business forces that have colluded on this boondoggle have been partners on expanding the federal role in education for a long, long time. And as I've pointed out since day one, one of their core strategies has been to rename and rebrand — from Goals 2000 and School to Work to outcome-based education to No Child Left Behind.
Flip-flopping Big Government Republican Mike Huckabee has led the "Rebrand it" strategy to take the heat off his Common Core buddies.
Now, it's Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's moment: Will he pull a Huckabee or do right by the parents who have been at the vanguard of exposing Common Core's costly, invasive, academic excellence-sabotaging, control-usurping, choice-undermining scheme?
After garnering positive press for withdrawing from Common Core last month, Pence must decide whether he truly believes in high standards or whether he will rubber-stamp guidelines that are even worse — and have the endorsement of Common Core's number one lobbyist and peddler, Gates Foundation-funded Achieve Inc.
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Government Hypocrisy, Thinly Disguised

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High holiday on 4/20 calls for special kind of Easter grass

This Peeps art is pretty sweet

10 tweets celebrating 'Spring Bunny' Day or something

'My new hero': Sharyl Attkisson opens up about why she left CBS

'Get back on the sidelines': Players, commentators send tributes to Craig Sager as he battles leukemia

'If you like your egg…': @BarackObama's Easter tweet is not surprising at all

Goldie Taylor: I don't have any liberty because I'm black

'Brilliant': Melissa Harris-Perry's suggested callous Dem response to canceled plans wins bipartisan support

Young progressives dance to reduce gun violence

Awesome: Fundraising for #GosnellMovie surpasses $1 million